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Why Sci-Fi Horror Video Games Are The Best

“How come you don’t get bored playing games? After you finish a game don’t you feel like you haven’t achieved anything?” No. Actually I feel like I did accomplish something, at least if I’m playing on the highest acceptable difficulty and succeeding. It’s the way the story is meant to be told, and I’m addicted… Read More »

The Resistance The image is called “The Resistance” and it’s copyrighted to Andrew Turnbull and his website. Click on it to visit the original post. It is the page that now replaces an article he wrote about his experience with Windows 95, article which I had found on one of Ubuntu’s forums. Being a collector of… Read More »

I don’t like Easter

Myeah… It’s 12:00 AM, so it’s officially Easter here in Romania. Happy… whatever. You get the idea.— 🇷🇴 Comrade Zed (@ComradeZed) April 19, 2014 It’s Easter here, day one of three, to be exact, and I already can’t wait for it to be over. To me, holidays are the worst days of the year, and… Read More »

March 14

Just two years ago I would’ve been happy about this day, being both a reason for me to be geeky – since the number Pi is unique and March 14 closely resembles its English date notation, but also because it was Einstein’s birth date and, although I don’t like the man at all because he… Read More »