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80s and 90s: The Last Generation That…

I’ve read this on Facebook, posted as a comment to a picture of the class I used to be part of during elementary school. I have to admit, I miss the good old days… Suntem ultima generaţie care a jucat “Ascunselea”, “Castel”, “Raţele şi vânătorii”, “Ţară, ţară! Vrem ostaşi”, “Prinsea”, “Sticluţa cu otravă”, “Pac Pac”, “Hoţii… Read More »

A link to my past

A.k.a. “The Good Ol’ Days of Computing” and why I am so attached to old computers / computer components, especially the ones which resemble those of my first computer. I can never forget about my first days of owning a personal computer, especially not about my first computer nor the games I used to play… Read More »