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Metro Exodus

Or a better title would be “Why I Hate Metro Exodus” Metro Exodus was one of the video games I was looking forward to playing and had really high hopes for, but it disappointed in about every way possible. Although it does have its great moments with interesting new elements like highly customisable weapons, crafting… Read More »

The Video Game Challenge 2018

I am supposed to post just an image, no explanation, from 10 video games that had an impact on me. So last week a little trend/meme was started, regarding video games, because it was declared the Gaming Week in Bucharest. I don’t usually do memes, and I liked the idea, so each day I posted… Read More »

Fallout 76

I’m having quite a lot of fun reading about how players rage over Fallout 76. I have to be honest, I can understand them, I bought the game as well, but I knew what I was getting into right from the beginning, and I completely understood the implications of not having human NPCs. The thing… Read More »