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Legacy of Kain: Defiance

I’m going to be honest: the most important thing required to play this game is a controller. Ten years ago I’ve played it without one, and trust me, it’s extremely frustrating, where as playing it with a game pad is a totally different feeling, like you’re playing a different game… I have two complaints about the whole… Read More »

Wolfenstein: The New Order

I find the way you’re introduced to the story of the game interesting, and apparently the game is in fact linked to the events of the last Wolfenstein game from 2009. You can see how the Nazi technology had evolved in a few years, and after about an hour of gameplay (or less, depending on the… Read More »

South Park: The Stick of Truth

I finally bought this game yesterday after testing it for a bit. I honestly say that, if you’re a true South Park fan, you can’t resist this one. The game is a fun little RPG, with a turn-based battle mode when engaging or being engaged by various foes, from other little kids in the neighborhood… Read More »

80s and 90s: The Last Generation That…

I’ve read this on Facebook, posted as a comment to a picture of the class I used to be part of during elementary school. I have to admit, I miss the good old days… Suntem ultima generaţie care a jucat “Ascunselea”, “Castel”, “Raţele şi vânătorii”, “Ţară, ţară! Vrem ostaşi”, “Prinsea”, “Sticluţa cu otravă”, “Pac Pac”, “Hoţii… Read More »