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So, about the game called “Mafia“… Well, the way to describe it is to refer to GTA 3, which was popular at the time and apparently a few games were going for the same concept. To put it simply, you can call Mafia the tasteful and actually realistic GTA 3. While nothing in the Grand… Read More »

Shadow Warrior

I’m not sure when I’ve bought the game anymore, but I’ve completely forgotten about it, even though it was right there in my Steam game library. I got reminded of it when they’ve offered it for free on Humble Bundle. I got it, but when I actually tried activating it on Steam, it shouldn’t have… Read More »

It’s Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer

Remember that old message from older Windows operating systems that said “It’s now safe to turn off your computer.” after you issued the Shut Down command from the Start menu? I just watched a weird video about Windows 95, and I got “triggered” as you kids might say today. Have you ever wondered what it… Read More »

Achievement Unlocked: DOOMed Me

Today – September 18, 2016 – I’ve finally completed all chapters of Doom 3: BFG Edition on the “nightmare” difficulty level. That is… only four years after I started my hunt for the special achievements. If you’re wondering why it took me so long to do this then, well, it’s because I have completed the main game… Read More »