Metro Exodus

By | Wednesday 20.02.2019

Or a better title would be “Why I Hate Metro Exodus”

I’m pretty sure this is why they didn’t want the game out on Steam anymore.

Metro Exodus was one of the video games I was looking forward to playing and had really high hopes for, but it disappointed in about every way possible.

Although it does have its great moments with interesting new elements like highly customisable weapons, crafting your own ammo, and a bit of vehicle driving (for which they’ve taken inspiration from Far Cry and other open world games), the game disappoints with quite a few elements, starting from the very beginning with the controls.

It’s clearly dedicated to using a controller, even if you’re playing it on a PC – and in the developers’ own words, it’s a “PC shooter at heart” – so if you’re using the keyboard and mouse to play, the controls are awkward, non intuitive, and aiming with the mouse is always a chore, unless you have a gaming mouse with multiple sampling speeds to accelerate it.

Starting with the first part of the story after the train is introduced, annoyances really get into the scene, and even if you can ignore some of them, it’s impossible not to get bored of seeing floating objects and enemies above chairs and sofas, NPCs that casually clip though tables and other objects, and no matter where in the story you made it to, it doesn’t matter if the enemy has seen you or not, they always yell “die, bitch!” or looping some other thinking out loud lines like “what am I even doing here?”

The enemy AI is really dumb. Sometimes monsters are spawned instantly the moment you set foot in a room, and other times they just sit there no different than if they were dead, only to start a useless awakening animation when you’re immediately next to them and then attack you in such a way that the game is forcing you to mash the USE button.

The classic cheated enemy aiming is also here. Enemies that shot projectiles at you will have a waiting time to aim (this probably varies according to the selected difficulty), but once they do fire, they never miss a shot. Worse, sometimes bullets clip though walls in order to hit you. However, your own weapons have recoil that gets worse and worse – the weapon gets “dirtier”, even though it has no reason to do so.

With only possibly one exception, every enemy I’ve encountered once they’re aware you might be in the area, they will have 360 degree vision, and no matter if you’re sitting in front of them, behind them or above them, if there is no wall between you and them, they will immediately spot you, sound the alarm and then gather up in the area to shoot you.

The thing I just can not stand, and completely ruined the fun for me is certain enemies are invincible and they’re tied to unnecessary cutscenes (the bear in particular). I really hate that part, it disgusts me to the point I want to get my money back. I can take a lot of stupidity from games, but cheated enemies I can never forgive, no matter the reason. The cut scene didn’t trigger for me, at least not the last time I’ve played it, yesterday, by the way.

Overall, the game is a huge disappointment. Maybe a little more effort should’ve been put into the enemy mechanics and less emphasis on the graphics which wouldn’t be that much noticeable on the consoles the game seems to be dedicated to, anyway.

You know what… I will sue the next time I see an invincible enemy tied to a cut scene.

Update March 9th, 2019:
I finally finished Metro Exodus. I got the so called “good ending.” I have one last thing to say about it. The end did bring tears to my eyes but the rest of the game was awful. Maybe you should focus on GAMEPLAY & AI rather than giving male genitalia to mutant ratmoles and gorillas… Realism is about the behaviour and functionality, not about… that.