Fallout 76

By | Thursday 22.11.2018
Fallout 76

I’m having quite a lot of fun reading about how players rage over Fallout 76.

I have to be honest, I can understand them, I bought the game as well, but I knew what I was getting into right from the beginning, and I completely understood the implications of not having human NPCs.

The thing is, Bethesda is pretty good at making single player games, but not so much when it comes to multiplayer ones. In fact, remember that they’ve outsourced the multiplayer part of Doom 2016 to another developer? That’s why. Now they wanted to take their chances and try making a specifically multiplayer game - like, you know, there’s a first time for everything?)

It’s important to understand that they had to (I’m quoting someone else on this, because I can’t think of any better words) “translate a single player experience into a multiplayer one,” and not just a classic lobby multiplayer one, but an MMO. The big problem here is… well… you really should know better if you’re expecting much from playing solo. I am playing solo as well, but unlike most customers who don’t like their purchase (and start taring up game shops, click here if you haven’t seen the video), I knew playing solo was going to be boring, and I didn’t expect otherwise.

However, I bought the game because I love exploring the Fallout world and doing various stuff there, and to some degree I sometimes actually enjoy tedious things in games. So… I am playing it as one of those games you play for relaxation and out of boredom, and I really don’t mind. I need more games like that. Having specific goals in mind sets a stress factor that, although I know nobody is imposing on me, it’s just the way it is.

Regarding the story and the lore, the fact that you have to get quests from dead people via their log entries in terminals is quite funny and creepy at the same time, when you think about it. It gives me the impression I’m somehow uncovering relics of a ghost town. When I’m in the right mood, it’s enjoyable. The story seems interesting and somewhat believable to me. I’m not sure if it’s original or not, but I haven’t played any other game with the same kind of story.

I kind of expect Bethesda to someday soon close the servers because not enough people buy the game, and maybe they’ll release an offline patch when they do - I hope.

Until then, if you’re really a Fallout fan but at the same time don’t care much for, how reviewers call it, “lack of content” (lack of humour is a more adequate description), you can give it a chance. Expect boredom at times, especially if you can’t find anyone to play together with - but if you’re looking for a true Fallout game, this is probably not the one for you, because the typical Fallout humour isn’t really here.