Why Sci-Fi Horror Video Games Are The Best

By | Thursday 04.08.2016

“How come you don’t get bored playing games? After you finish a game don’t you feel like you haven’t achieved anything?”

No. Actually I feel like I did accomplish something, at least if I’m playing on the highest acceptable difficulty and succeeding. It’s the way the story is meant to be told, and I’m addicted to that. It’s about having adventures that the real world will never give you.

Ever experienced a horror game? Even if you know nothing will get you in the real world, the game’s atmosphere generates true terror in your mind. Even when you get used to it and get pass certain obstacles, it will again surprise you with something and either scare the shit out of you or make you feel like you’re going to die… That feeling of terror and desperately looking for a way to survive is what makes gaming awesome, especially horror and sci-fi games.

As an example, the game Alien: Isolation is the best sci-fi horror game I’ve ever played so far, getting you into the atmosphere of the original movie, and generating terror in your mind. You know when it happens, because the brain releases adrenaline.

True horror doesn’t come from jump scares. True horror comes from the terror of the chase and the need to hide. You’re probably not a fan of this, but I am. It’s what I love the most in games. The truth is that I feel right at home in these situations, as I felt the slow and silent terror of time during school and especially high school. I got so used to it that I can’t enjoy other things as much anymore. The one thing that the terror of time was missing was adrenaline. It was a true torture, as time passes you by so slowly.

But the games… They’re usually fast paced. It basically comes down to think and run to survive. In the real world survival is only up to you, your decision… And it’s more and more difficult to make the decision to keep going as the torture continues and the impending sense of doom overwhelms you.

So, like I said, games give you adventures you can never have in the real world. Life isn’t really an adventure and neither is whatever you do while you’re alive, unless it’s something that puts your life to the very edge towards death… That’s the only way you can truly feel alive. Video games make me feel alive for a little while…