Wolfenstein: The New Order

By | Wednesday 21.05.2014

I find the way you’re introduced to the story of the game interesting, and apparently the game is in fact linked to the events of the last Wolfenstein game from 2009. You can see how the Nazi technology had evolved in a few years, and after about an hour of gameplay (or less, depending on the difficulty you’ve chosen), the game story from the “present day” begins, and only then you can actually experience many of the scenes you’ve seen in the trailers. It’s actually a nice way to introduce you to the game, instead of just showing a bunch of cutscenes.

I am playing on the highest difficulty setting because, I admit, I wish to get the achievement related to that. However, regardless of the difficulty setting you’ve chosen, it can sometimes be easy to progress, and sometimes it can be quite challenging, and it all depends on the environment. Also, I like the realism factor, and regardless of the difficulty setting, a well placed headshot will take out a foe. If you like stealth, it’s a delight to sneak up behind different types of enemies and taking them out with your knife, without wasting any ammo, and avoiding sounding the alarm as a bonus.

I think the game’s minimum system requirements are exaggerated, at least the ones which are advertised on the game’s Steam store page. My PC’s specifications are just a bit above that, and it runs fluently and without hassle on medium, and will probably run the same on some high settings as well.

I noticed that players complain about a series of bugs that made the game unplayable for them. I don’t seem to have any issues myself, apart from the flickering of the screen when trying to take a screenshot with Steam’s overlay, which results in two distinct screenshots at once, one of which sometimes goes completely black, and which could indicate a few bugs related to the integration with Steam.

All in all, on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give it……… 11.

I was extremely disappointed in December 2013 when they decided to postpone the release, but in the end it was worth the wait! I fully recommend this game, especially if you’re a fan of the Wolfenstein series.

Either version you would choose, it will not disappoint you! Go buy it!

Edit: I’ve completed the game on the “ÜBER” difficulty.
You can view my personal Steam achievements for this game here (click).