March 14

By | Friday 14.03.2014

Just two years ago I would’ve been happy about this day, being both a reason for me to be geeky – since the number Pi is unique and March 14 closely resembles its English date notation, but also because it was Einstein’s birth date and, although I don’t like the man at all because he once said that he dedicated his life’s work to god (because I’m an atheist and I’m antireligious), I like the fact that his work, stolen or not, led to the technological advances of today – but also this day used to have a personal significance.

Nowadays, however, it is the exact opposite, and I’m always sad that this day has come again just to remind me about the reason I’ve been through the worst depression of my life…

Anyway, today I’m also waiting to get the results of the simulated Baccalaureate exam of two weeks ago, to get an idea about how disastrous the situation of our students is. I don’t really actually care, but it is part of my job to make a report on that.