South Park: The Stick of Truth

By | Wednesday 12.03.2014

I finally bought this game yesterday after testing it for a bit. I honestly say that, if you're a true South Park fan, you can't resist this one. The game is a fun little RPG, with a turn-based battle mode when engaging or being engaged by various foes, from other little kids in the neighborhood to hobos and so on. You will encounter various - if not all - characters from the show, and you will be able to interact with certain things in people's houses, including toilets, which... let you pick up your poop to use later as a weapon in combat...

The battle mode is made to look in such a way that you're seeing what the imagination of the South Park boys see, and unlike other turn-based games, it's interactive, so you're not completely helpless to the enemy's actions.

It's not for the faint of heart though, as... if the show disturbs, offends, or disgusts you in any way, the game certainly will as well. I completely recommend this game if you're a South Park fan and want to enter their world.