Naruto grew on me a little bit

By | Tuesday 18.02.2014

Since I’ve actually started watching anime again for quite a while, I think I have some explaining to do.

Give or take, I haven’t watched anime since I was in high school, in my “senior year” (or 12th grade). During those times I was a completely different person, regarding watching TV.

Once upon a time, there was a kids’ TV channel called Fox Kids, which later on became known as (or replaced by) Jetix

Now, this little TV channel used to be one of the best (if not the only remaining good) channels to watch, and it had some great shows I used to enjoy and never got bored of, like:

  • Life with Louie
  • Goosebumps
  • Eerie Indiana
  • The Mad Scientist’s Toon Club
  • and so on…

These were the TV shows I used to watch throughout my childhood, and they brought me joy before the time of Jetix (and high school, for that matter).

Then Fox Kids became Jetix, and things changed a bit. Before Jetix, I’ve completely forgot about anime, as I didn’t know much about them anyway. I admit that, like anyone else, I did watch some stupid crap in my early childhood, like… Sailor Moon. I apologize for that.

I never watched like Dragon Ball Z or anything similar, as I always found it extremely stupid.

When Jetix came along though, they’ve reintroduced me to anime with two awesome shows, of which the last is a true masterpiece: The Shaman King and, of course, Naruto.

These two shows were something very dear to me, as during 12th grade I got some really bad results at school, and I got forbidden to use the computer until they improved (but that’s another story). The only remaining thing that made me happy was watching TV, especially The Shaman King and Naruto.

Regarding Naruto, I always got annoyed because they kept re-airing some specific episodes, and I never got to see them in the right order. Naturally, I didn’t understand the story at all, because of this. Come to think of it, that can apply to pretty much any TV show I’ve watched on an actual TV…

Anyway, watching Naruto and The Shaman King was one of the first things I used to do as soon as I got back home from school; I remember how much I used to love them, and I watched them again and again, until they were no longer on air.

Something happened after that, which caused me to dislike anime completely for a long time, and I forgot how much I used to love watching them myself; I think it was a combination of these factors:

  • meeting people who were obsessed by anime but mocked me for various reasons (and one of those people was a high-school colleague);
  • feeling ashamed because I used to watch things like The Sailor Moon;
  • feeling ashamed and unwanted, because others mocked me and most of the things I used to do and love;
  • meeting people obsessed by anime

This brings us to the present day: A while ago, however, I started watching Naruto again, following the advice of someone I’m most thankful to, and I immediately got hooked once again like good old times, of course.

I started watching it in chronological order this time, as a little personal marathon. I truly regret not doing this sooner.

I found out the actual story now, and for the first time I actually began to understand it.

Of all the characters in the show, a few or them caught my attention, and they’re my favorites:

Itachi Uchiha The antihero that always protected everyone from the shadows, especially his little brother, while sacrificing himself so that his brother could have a future, and restore his clan with a clean name, rather than a traitorous one. He would rather lie to everyone and receive only hatred, but know that his people, as well as his little brother are safe.
Sasori of The Red Sand The sad child who lost his parents and desired them so much that, even though his remaining relatives – his grandmother – lied to him, he always knew the truth, and since he was to become a puppet master, he started building puppets that resemble his parents, so that he could have a complete family again; in fact his desire was so intense, that he ultimately became a puppet himself, and when he realized this, his soul was finally at peace. His eyes are what caught my attention the most, because, like my own eyes… I immediately recognized the darkness and sadness hiding behind them.
Obito Uchiha The one who became a villain after once being a hero. He’s the one who originally said that “those that break the rules are seen as scum, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum.” He represents the story of what happens with someone who is deeply in love and what that person is capable of doing for their loved one. However, when he witnesses the death of his loved one first hand, he can not take this kind of suffering, as the woman he loved was the only thing driving him forward and making him happy to be alive. He instantly goes insane and seeks revenge, and he won’t stop until he destroys the thing that caused the death of his only loved one: the very world as it is.

There is something remarkable about Obito. If you see the character first hand, even if you do know his story, the impression might be that his way of thinking is wrong, and shouldn’t act out on revenge. However, you can’t truly understand his story until you experience something similar in real life. Truth is, love can make you be both selfish and selfless at the same time. While being able to go as far as to sacrifice your feelings for your loved ones to be happy, losing them for good, without even being able to see them again, can destroy you. It is the Yin-Yang factor; selflessness can’t exist without selfishness, and vice-versa. If he can’t be selfless without one thing to be selfish about, but in a selfless way though (for the person he loves), then he will be selfish, but in a selfless way, as his actions were to lead to a world where a loss like his would never happen again, even if the price for it was mankind’s free will.

She is the type of good hearted, extremely shy person. She reminds me of myself, back when I was in my early childhood. I was shy too, and I wanted to make friends with people around me. Like me, she couldn’t really tell the person she likes – in this case, Naruto – that she likes (or is in love with) him, and she wanted to impress him in different ways, especially by conquering her shyness and fear during the ranking exams.
Orochimaruand Kabuto Yakushi Although they’re not actually my favorite characters, I have to add them to this list because they express mankind’s quest for power by means of science, unlocking the secrets of the known universe.

In fact, one thing I really love about this show is that there exist a lot of hidden, deep messages throughout it:

  1. The greatest power comes with the great price to pay;
  2. You can not have both power and love, therefore you must choose between them;
  3. In this world there are individuals who seem to be evil, but looks can be deceiving, as the purpose of their actions is ultimately good;
  4. True love can take on many forms;
  5. Revenge will destroy you, regardless if you do get your revenge or not;
  6. Yin and Yang: There is no good without evil, nor vice-versa. The two complete each other, attract each other, and shall forever clash;
  7. Although nature can sometimes be monstrous, it is the life force that created everything around us. Protect it!

All in all, no matter what your age is, this show has many things to teach you… if you can decipher the hidden messages of every story, be it happy or sad.