Welcome to my little place of monologue and narcissism!

Eh... I keep asking myself if this is a blog or not, and if I should just use a subdomain for a blog but, heck, why not?

Ok, fine. It's a personal blog or journal.
Maybe 30% of the time.

I already had a blog for a long time before I got the domain name, and what I consider blogging, I write there. Sometimes I just find some of the things I wrote (or which I am about to write) interesting enough to put them on my personal website, regardless if they also exist on one of my other places like my social networks or my blog(s) - but I might get rid of all the scattered stuff and stuff them all into here from now on.

The website is currently, and had been under (re)construction... since forever. I’m updating it very slowly because I lack the time to get any work done on it. My job is eating up any time I could have, and I really need the spare time at home to recover - mentally - after each day at work (having to spend time around too many people is exhausting).

If you ever wish to contact me, send me a mention on Twitter, or you can send me an e-mail to my personal address:      ionicadumitru @ gmail.com

By the way, don't bother trying to add me on Steam for trading and other stuff, I don't do that. If I want to trade, I'll send a trade request myself or something.